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Some sort of pun using cheque for check

Some sort of pun using cheque for check

I had to order cheques recently. I won’t be sad if this is the last time that I have to do this, and it is the first time that I have actually “purchased” cheques. In the past I have always received a few when opening an account and never gone through them all.

However, I now have an old, very analog, Greek landlord, and RBC refused to give me any free cheques. As it turns out, Canadian banks are pretty bad when it comes to dinging customers with fees. As per here and here Canadians pay on average $220/year to bank. My checking account in the US is a grand total of $0 per year, and includes unlimited free withdrawals from any ATM worldwide. Just as a point of reference.

Back to the cheques. RBC wanted to charge $50 (through a partner) for 100 cheques. Which is, objectively, a very bad deal. But then they have the audacity to call it a “value pack”, and an “exceptional price”. It’s a bit rich. I can stomach being being ripped off on the rare unavoidable occasion, but please don’t then pretend you are doing me some sort of favour.

Though I do have to admire the copywriter who decided that the correct verb to use to describe the customer’s likely relationship to their product was “love”.