Dispatch 04: Medellín


My last experience in Colombia was probably the least pleasant.  And it wasn’t all that unpleasant.  In fact part of my frustration with the situation stemmed from the fact that I wasn’t really in a position to let it run its course.

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Dispatch 03: Oslo


I spent close to a month in Oslo while filming for a project following the annual Russ celebration engaged in by graduating high school students.

A few Oslo observations:

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Dispatch 02: Mexico City


This past summer I spent six weeks at the SOMA Summer residency.  It was much more of a pedagogical experience than a typical production-focussed residency, but for me this was a welcome arrangement.  The seminars, which spanned the first three afternoons of each week, were engaging and led to thought-provoking conversation (and thoughts).

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Dispatch 01: Buenos Aires


Three months and 22 days after landing at Ministro Pistarini airport in Buenos Aires I am once again, in the air; flying, via Santiago and Toronto, back to New York.

The first – and potentially longest – stop of 2012 is now but a memory.

A few initial thoughts.

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