Hacking Journalism


This past weekend I spent Saturday and most of Sunday (the morning was spent on a some fruitless apartment hunting) at the Hacking Journalism event put on by Hacks Hackers, Future of News, Conde Nast and Embedly. The focus was on video, which was right up my alley.

It was a pretty amazing group with people attending from everywhere from the Washington Post and New York Times to MIT and Witness, to the New Yorker and NPR. The first day we were divided into groups of 5-8 with at least one front end developer and back end developer in each group. After some talks by people like Ingrid Kopp and Nick Fortugno we set off on trying to develop some sort of video tool for journalists.

What we came up with was called Full Sight, a “simple tool that allows journalists to use video as texture in their work.” The way it works is that text in a written piece that is highlighted will automatically trigger a fullscreen video that fades up in the background when your cursor hovers over the highlighted text. You can see an example here.

This is a photo of a couple of members of our team at work.


There were lots of great projects that were all presented the Sunday afternoon – which can all be accessed through this hackdash page.



I Don’t Understand You



The fall I had the chance to work with Sebastian Gassner during the Playpublik Festival in Kraków, Poland. We presented a new iteration of work we had previously shown in a gallery space, but this time the scale was significantly increased. Using a web application and the public payphones throughout the city we allowed participants to join two unsuspecting international strangers in conversation. Continue reading




I was selected to take part in NEW INC which opened on September 2. I had arrived the night before from Montreal so the first 9 days have been a bit of a blur catching up on the logistics of being away from New York for two months and trying to get myself lined up to be able to work efficiently going forward.

The good news is that from my initial impressions it seems like NEW INC is going to be a great place to be located for the foreseeable future.

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I arrived in Montreal on July 1st, Canada’s 147th birthday. I spent the next two months immersing myself in structural biology (X-ray crystallography, specifically) and Oculus Rift (mainly working with Unity).

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Emmy Nomination


I just learned that the documentary I co-produced and edited for FRONTLINE was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Investigative Journalism – Long Form. We’re up against two other documentaries also by FRONTLINE, and our odds are extremely long given the competition, but still nice to be selected.

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Flaherty Seminar


Programmed by Gabriela Monroy & Caspar Stracke (who actually presented a screening program at the one year pop-up art venue I co-founded back in 2010, MMX), the theme of the 60th anniversary of the Flaherty seminar was “Turning the Inside Out”.

An odd (but totally successful) combination of summer camp, boot camp, film festival, graduate school, and spring break, my first Flaherty was a great experience.

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Over the course of five months, and in collaboration with Alex Lazarowich, Liz Warren and Chloe Zimmerman, I have been making a short documentary film about Álvaro Brandon. Continue reading

Art Fare


I agreed to share a video piece online through the online literary journal Transmission, and used the issue release deadline to push me to finish a piece that I had been gathering footage for over the course of the last few years at various art fairs (Berlin/New York/Miami/Mexico City).

Canada Council for the Arts/GRAND NCE Grant


I’m excited to announce that, in collaboration with scientists Dr. Albert Berghuis and Dr. Jaeok Park from McGill University, I was selected as one of four artist/scientist teams to receive the Media Artist and Scientist Collaboration Grant, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and GRAND NCE. Continue reading

(e)merge Art Fair

(e)merge Art Fair

I was selected to be part of the (e)merge Art Fair Artist Platform, presenting my work 9Y40.

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